EI&O Password Information

A Security Awareness Reminder from UF nterprise Infrastructure & Operations (EI&O)

Note: This article applies specifically to nterprise Infrastructure & Operations "mainframe" passwords (used to log in to NERMVS, NERTSO, NERCICS, etc.). In particular, the password-length and special-character limitations do not apply to GatorLink or other non-EI&O-mainframe passwords. However, the principles and methods of strong password generation described in this article are generally applicable to most, if not all, password-protected systems.

Your EI&O password is a vitally-important part of the security of UF's computer systems, network, and data. You have the responsibility to manage your password securely.

What Should Your Password Be?

Your EI&O password must be a minimum of 5 characters long and a maximum of 8 characters. It may (and should!) contain letters (upper and lower case), numbers and the characters "#", "$", or "@" (only).

Things Not To Use

  • Any dictionary word, person- or place-name
  • Any birthday, address, phone number, car license tag, or social security number; including your own, your partner's, or your children's
  • Your hobby, musical instrument, sport, favorite actor/actress, or favorite movie/TV show
  • Anything else that anyone who knows you could associate with you!
  • Any of the above "transformed" forward, backward, inside out, in pieces, or in any combination

In addition, you should use different passwords for userIDs on different systems. That way, if one of your userIDs is compromised, the rest will still be secure.